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Star enterprise is one of the pioneers in the travel industry, specialized in both domestic and international tours. it gives us happiness to take people to the destinations they have dreamt off and with that our international wing along with the domestic wing is soaring high above with the blessing and good wishes of everyone who has been associated with us Our UPS being that we at no circumstances compromise on the quality and standared of the tour making us a little higher on the rate. we also would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who stood by us and making us what we are today and it would definitely not be possible with out our dedicated and efficient team who works tirelessly to bring a smile on our travelers. we not only stand by our tag line 'assurance of classic hospility' but also look forward to accomplish the same. India provides you travel oppertunities of all kinds, of all forms, and for everyone. We at Star enterprise, belives in presenting india in a way that is quite unique, unexplored, and unhindered. we want to show you the possibilities that are immense and unendieng. come to india, explore the deserts, take chances and trek through the Himalayas, bask under the glory of sun god and relax on the golden beaches, hunt the tigers 'with cameras' and make wild friends in the rain forests, travel on the top of world's oldest working locomotive, or face the force of rapids and go for the river rafting on the wild rivers. Star enterprise will' provide you all the facilities whilst you are on your personal journey-the journey of a lifetime. Believe us when we say,possibilities are unlimited-you only need your imagination to find them and guts to live them. Our mission is to provide quality and excellence to our customer promptly and exclusively. All the professionals at Star enterprise are masters of there trade and easc brings with him/her a unique set of experience adding value to the traveller's overall experience of the put it simply , we know what a traveler anticipates and more then that we know what it takes to satisfy them


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