" our philosophy of being is....
              change is only unchanged reality of this universe"

star enterprise as an idea of MR kousik pattanayak. this is not
 possible with out being a visionary & an optimistic leader, while 
creating a team of talented people.
A single company was soon formed into a group of companies known 
as starpabitra enterprise pvt ltd, with young team of professionals
 in there pursuit.the founder continuously work with combined 
experience of several other experts in this field of 15 years
 and more . The team continuously work to establish and enterprise,
 sound business ethics and practices,progress through customer
 satisfaction and developed people who value relationship and 

     The organization today......
Over the years Star enterprise has grown as one of the reputed
 brands in travel & tourism, public transport,car rental,
 travel ticketing, retail and many more services to there clients.
 Star Enterprise understands that clients always have a specific
 requirement with regards to there travels. we therefore spend
 considerable time to consult clients individually to understand
 there specific requirements and provide a customized solution.
The loyal client has helped us to grow at a rate of
 30% year after year.

Starpabitro Enterprise Pvt Ltd plays :

1. Star Enterprise( travel)
we are provide travel & tourism service with collaborated with 
hello travels, starling holidays, RCI, tripadvisor, agoda, make my 
trip and many more. we provide service like activity, weekend
 gateway, hotel booking, air tickets, railway tickets,
 visa assistance.

2 Star Enterprise (transport)
we are providing luxury car service to our client, we our own and 
collaborated with other like gozocab, expledia, etc to worldwide.

3 Star Enterprise (retail)
we are in retail business like mens cloths, mens accessory, womens
 cloths,womens accessory, womens beauty accessory etc.

Company Ethics:
Mr. kousik pattanaya's philosophy of 'Being' is -change. he is 
strongly believes it as the only unchanged reality of this
 universe.which is his key to accomplish goals.

This persistently reflect in there services to benefit clients. 
They believe that their business is to provide  the best service
 to the clients and everyone they deal with. to do so actively and
 with a genuine desire to contribute to there business,with
 commitment satisfy customers & grow with them.

Company Culture:

At Starpabitro Enterprise Pvt Ltd, They believe in continuous 
improvement.there Fast, Focused, And Flexible Team Continuously
 Strives to raise the bar through identifying areas that needs
 improvement,Designing Innovative Solutions,Mapping The Process
 Throughly, Setting System to the changed processes And To Ensure 
Consistent Results.

Structured Customer Feedback Process: 

they say,'It Gives Us A 360 Degree of customer Expectations And
 Trends',which Help them to build capabilities around there clients
 changing Requirements.

A Quality Driven Approach:

 As individuals & team, they Behave with Great Responsibility, 
they Value People,Trust & Respect Individuality,It is there 
responsibility To Actively, And Constantly,Creates An Environment
 That Support customers And Causes Them To Grow And flourish.

List Of Certificate Details:

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