Dreem holidays in Costa Rica,8 Days – San Jose All in One

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Costa Rica, Province of Alajuela – Costa Rica
Duration: 8 days
Maximum Number Of Travelers: 9
Prices Start At       $ 1,500 USD / 1,05,000 INR

Costa Rica Travel Tips :

Manuel Antonio National Park is the quintessential Costa Rica natural paradise where
the beach meets the rainforest filled with boisterous monkeys, cute sloths, and tropical

Tortuguero, on Costa Rica’s lesser-visited Caribbean coast, whose name literally means

“sea turtle breeding spot” in Spanish let’s you experience green turtles in their natural

Arenal Volcano to the north of San Jose is a tropical paradise with hotsprings, rainforests

and the towering, billowing namesake of the region, Volcan Arena.

The Monteverde Cloudforest is one of Costa Rica’s original eco-tourism hotspots featuring

couldforest walks, canopy ziplines, visits to local farms and staying in ecologically
friendly lodges at night assure an authentic Costa Rica vacation.
Horses on pasture near Arenal Volcano

For a country of its size, Costa Rica has something to offer all styles of travelers!
Breathtaking rainforests & booming volcanoes, some of the most rare and endangered
wildlife on the planet, luxury & relaxation, culinary experiences, and adventurous
excursions. See how a Costa Rica trip will allow you to experience “Pura Vida!”
Jungle waterfall

Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica
You can visit Costa Rica virtually any time of year. However, many travelers may prefer
to plan their trip during the country’s dry season, while others want to take advantage of
the off-season deals and fewer crowds that are characteristic of rainier months.
Costa Rica, the Original Eco-Tourism Destination

In the 1990’s a movement began in tourism that brought a greater level of conscience in

regard to the impacts that travelers can have on their travel destinations.

Costa Rica was an early innovator in eco-tourism, a breed of travel that gives back to the

local environment and community by minimizing negative impacts of travelers.
Numerous eco-lodges opened and offered tours of the rain forest with local guides that
not only explain the value of the rainforest to travelers, but instill value of the rainforest
in the minds of locals to avoid further deforestation by local populations. Over 25% of
Costa Rica’s land is protected, mostly by their excellent system of National Parks.

Adventure Life uses only the most ecologically-friendly lodges and tour guides so you can

rest assured that your trip has a positive impact on the people and environment of Costa

Most people travel to tiny Costa Rica by flying to either San Jose or Liberia Airports. San
Jose’s Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) is the country’s most trafficked and
located in the center of the country.

Those traveling to the northern Pacific beaches of Guanacaste may fly into Liberia’s

Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (LIR).

Once in Costa Rica, distances traveled are relatively short in this small Central American

country. In a few hours from the capital of San Jose by car,  one can get to both the
Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast. The Panamerican highway runs from Nicaragua in
the north to Panama in the south where you’ll find the remote Osa Penisula & Corcovado
National park.

Top Costa Rica Adventure Activities

Costa Rica has long been the top adventure travel destination in Central America, and

Adventure Life will take you from the highest peaks, to the wildest rivers and even into
the rainforest canopy on one of our Costa Rica adventure tours. Here are our picks for


Before the zipline tour

Costa Rica Family Vacations
Go whitewater rafting down pristine rivers, glide through the rainforest canopy on a zip
line, relax on the beach or explore one of Costa Rica’s many famous ecolodges.

Costa Rica Family Vacation Highlights 

  1. Hiking through the rain forest looking for monkeys, sloths and tropical birds asyour guide tells you about the medicinal plants his family uses.

2.Getting “just close enough” to Arenal Volcano as you see glowing red lava flow down its slopes at night, and billow a cloud of ash during the day.


3.Learning a little Spanish and making friends with some Ticos.

Birding in Costa Rica

Whether you’re a novice naturalist or a seasoned birder, the tropical climate and dense

jungles make for the perfect habitat for over 600 native species of birds and more than
200 migrants who visit seasonally.

What birds can you see in Costa RicaHere’s a short list of some of the most popular

ones you could encounter with a little luck, patience and our top-notch naturalist guides :

  • Dozens of hummingbird species


  • Resplendent Quetzal


  • Rufous Motmot


  • Kingfishers


  • Toucans & Aracaris


  • White-collared Manakin


Pacuare Lodge.

Your trip to Costa Rica can, and will, have a positve impact on the environment and local
Costa Ricans by staying in an ecologically friendly lodge such as:

Selva Bananito Lodge & Reserve – is situated in a pristine and natural setting, located at

the foot of Mochila mountain in the eastern outcropping of the Talamanca Mountain
Range in the province of Limon, Costa Rica. They ake an active stand in conservation by
supporting  the Limon Watershed Foundation with logistic and financial support
provided by your stay.

The Pacuare Nature Reserve – was established by the Endangered Wildlife Trust and

protects 800 hectares of  rainforest and deserted beach on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast
between the sea and the Tortuguero canal. The mission of the reserve is to protect
Leatherback Turtles and it’s one of the most important nesting sites in Central America
for this critically endangered species.

Rios Tropicales Lodge – is located riverfront on the Pacuare River and ideal for rafting

and adventure activities offers a haven for relaxation and immersion in tropical sights
and sounds while running on sustainable clean energy.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge– is located in a private nature reserve of over 1,000 acres of tropical

rainforest near Corcovado National Park and overlooks the point where the Pacific
Ocean meets the Golfo Dulce. Made from local materials, each bungalow has an
intricately woven thatched roof. Guests can experience hiking, birdwatching, boating
trips, dolphin and whale watching.

There are many things to do in San Jose City. From walking in the busy town to a large array of museums, markets and shopping areas to many pubs and restaurants.

San Jose Central Park


San José has been unfortunately known as a dirty and chaotic city. However little by little

and following the efforts of private companies, artists, galleries, and the city government

it is turning into the type of city you don’t only want to visit, but you want to stay for a

while to see all the possible options it has to offer.

As to provide a list of possibilities, find below seven things you can do any time in San

Jose and three more, if you come in the right time to the right place. From the most

traditional highlights to the newest things, if you are staying in San Jose… Yes! There are

things to do! Many!


Central Market:

This is a must if you are in the city in the daytime. Open from 7 am to 7 p.m. the Central

Market is the heart of this town since the XIX Century. It offers souvenirs, yes… But also a

glimpse of the Costa Ricans of all classes, ages, ethnics, and types. From the fruit stands

to the fisheries, passing by pet shops and snack places, the Central Market offers great

photo ops and fantastic chances to understand the country you are visiting.

Central Market in San Jose


A walk on the Central Avenue Boulevard:

 Anyone who’s older than 35 in Costa Rica remembers when driving through San José

was the way to see boys and girls, get smiles and maybe a date. Nowadays it has radically

changed, and it is the main artery of the city. More than a million people walk through

this boulevard every single day of the year. Street sales, stores, cafeterias, and others will

make you enjoy this walk tremendously. Super recommended in the day time or even

before 8 p.m. After 8, it can turn a bit dangerous as the crowd comes down and

pickpocketers can get out.

More than a million people walk through this boulevard every single day of the year.

Street sales, stores, cafeterias, and others will make you enjoy this walk tremendously.

Super recommended as one of the compulsory things to do in San Jose in the day time or

even before 8 p.m. After 8, it can turn a bit dangerous as the crowd comes down and

pickpocketers can get out.


things to do in San Jose


Plaza de la Cultura

If the Central Avenue is the main artery and the Central Market is the heart, I would say

then that the Plaza de la Cultura and all it includes are the brains of the city. Everything

passes through it. Flat, clean, with a zillion pigeons eating corn from children’s hands it

deserves at least twenty minutes, just sitting and enjoying the people passing by, the

lovers on benches, the street vendors and all of this with the gorgeous National Theater

on the back. And with the amazing and almost surreal Gold Museum underneath.



National Theater, things to do in San Jose


National Theater 

Home of the Art of Costa Rica. The National Theater belongs to our history as much as

our flag, or the national anthem. It lives in us; we are proud of it. We learned classical

music there, and theater, and operas. It has all sorts of shows throughout the week, even

at noon. The architecture is beautiful, and I could almost say it deserves a post on its own

having such importance for us.  But you just get in, and to the left side, sit in one of the

marble tables of the cafeteria, zip a good Costa Rican coffee just by one of the big

windows and enjoy the atmosphere… It will conquer your heart.


National Theater things to do in San Jose



Gold Museum:

 Among the things to do in San José, definitely the Gold Museum is a must. You walk

on the Plaza and if none tells you about it… You’ll never know it is there. But as you

discover it, pass through the metal detector (No cameras allowed) and get in, you will see

that there are three different art opportunities in the building:

The Numismatics Museum (Historical Costa Rican coins), an art gallery that shows

temporary art shows of many kinds, and the Gold Museum, coming down the stairs and

under the city. With great explanations and a fantastic display, it shows a lot of the

Precolumbian history of the country.


Gold Museum Entrance


Jade Museum: 

Quite new, this six floors museum has one of the biggest pre-Columbian jade collections

in the World, together with a large pottery and gold figures collection. It is probably one

of the most complete museums of the country, and it has a fantastic way to display the

whole collection too. It is worth the visit, and if you could go with the guide you will

enjoy it twenty times more!


Jade Museum, things to do in San Jose


National Museum:

It is located at the old headquarters of the Costa Rican army. An old building that has

been turned into a temple of knowledge and art. The first impression you get as you

come in… is nature! As it has a butterfly garden on the way in.

The second thing you see, on the right-hand side wall is the plate at the very place where

our army was abolished almost sixty years ago, and then you have this botanical garden.

On the edge of the garden, you will find a collection of the pre-Columbian history of the

country, displayed in chronological order for your enjoyment and comprehension.


National Museum Gardens in San Jose, Costa Rica


And, there are  activities, that, if you are lucky to be at the right place at the right time you can enjoy:

1010702_622107511146884_1556413006_nArt City Tour: 

Every three months in San Jose, on the third Wednesday, all

museums open for free, all galleries open for free and there is free

transportation to go from one museum to the next. Thousands of

people walking in the city, from one place to the next. The city boils

in art and art lovers… It is a fantastic chance to deep in Costa Rica!



The Lost Books Day

1006114_529542677093061_2139091598_nThis is a Latin American tradition that happens in many cities, on

equinoxes and solstices. People drops off books, anonymously, all

over the city, at malls, in parks and plazas.  If you want to “plant a

book” have to write something on it, in the beginning, starting with

“I am a lost book… “. And then you can go harvest as well! And look

for books that have been lost and are waiting for you to find them. It is fun! And a great



And to end this up… There are great bars you can go to in historic houses, restaurants in

beautiful open settings, a tour that applies to four hours to four different nice and busy

bars in town… shots included!

San José lately is the type of walking city where it has become pretty usual to have mob

dances, violins playing in the plazas and bands playing on the sidewalks.

You find sculptures in many places and even though.

Unfortunately, the architecture was not kept, now and then you look up and see the

magnificence of an old classical building just there, waiting for you to see it.

You see acrobats, dancers and actors as part of the city and live the nowadays Costa

Ricans it is compulsory to take a walk through San Jose… and simply breath it in!



Day 1: San Jose, Costa Rica (Arrival)

Stop At: Kiosco San Jose, Calle 7, Avenida 11, Barrio Amon, San Jose Costa Rica

Meet & greet at the San Jose International Airport
Private transfer from San Jose Intl Airport to your Lodging in San Jose City
Duration: 30 minutes

No meals included on this day.

Accommodation included: Lodging at a Superior Hotel in the San Jose

Day 2: San Jose City Tour + Folkloric Nigth at Ram Luna View point 

Stop At: Kiosco San Jose, Calle 7, Avenida 11, Barrio Amon, San Jose Costa Rica

This tour immerses you in the rich Costa Rican culture and history by visiting some
museums and historical sites of San José City. During this journey we will visit the
National Theater, also known as “The jewel of San José”, a masterpiece in art and
architecture built by Costa Ricans and completed in 1897.
Then we will visit the Museum of Gold (an archaeological interest site), then the Central
Market, place full of the Costa Rican cultural heritage and traditions, where you will be
able to browse and buy some local art crafts.
We will also visit the Metropolitan Cathedral. As we travel around the city, we will point
you out several historically important or main buildings in our city, for example The
Costa Rica University, The Old Train Station, The National Liquor Factory, The National
Supreme Election Bureau, the Asamblea Legislativa (equivalent to The Congress), The
Metallic Building, some parks and various sites of interest. This will be an introduction to
our Capital City, and information about our economy, cultural, politics, religion and
general current events.
Also, we will visit an Art Gallery, where you will be able to get some souvenirs to take
back home.

Duration: 4 hours

Stop At: Kiosco San Jose, Calle 7, Avenida 11, Barrio Amon, San Jose Costa Rica

Home to the Tierra Tica show. Ram Luna is perched high above the mountains
overlooking the Central Valley. From this unique vantage point you can admire the
auspicious panoramic views at dusk, and then take in the brilliance of the lights
emanating from the capital.
Each Wednesday and Thursday night, the Mirador Ram Luna Restaurant is decked out
with marimba and cimarrona music, traditional Costa Rican folk dancing and clowns, in
the midst of typical Costa Rican cuisine including the delicious recipes of our
The restaurant Ram Luna, located in the hills above Aserrí only 9 miles South of San Jose.
At Ram Luna, one immediately sees that the restaurant is brimming with memorabilia of
Costa Rican tradition, live music, and authentic folklore where the most beautiful
memories of times now past can be relived.
The delicious buffet and decorations are in keeping with the traditional Costa Rican
cuisine. You will have the opportunity to savor a variety of traditional Costa Rican dishes
such as: (la olla de carne) a traditional meat stew, (el picadillo de arracache) chopped
arracache root, (la carne en salsa) cubed meat with special sauce , (las empanaditas de
queso) cheese turnovers, (el chifrijo) one small bowl with white rice, red beans, pork
meat and pico de gallo, (los chicharones típicos de la zona) deep-fried pork Aserrí style ,
not to mention, our delicious traditional desserts that will tempt any dieter.
And then, the show begins. Tierra Tica is presented with pleasure and spontaneity. It is a
journey through the most representative stages of Costa Rican folklore concluding with
the Cimarrona which is the jubilant dance of the giants, which takes place outside the
restaurant overlooking the city while several local artisans show you beautiful pieces of
jewelry made with stones, tree seeds and natural fibers, that you can buy as souvenirs to
take back home.
Duration: 4 hours

Meals included:

• Breakfast: Included at the Hotel
• Lunch: During the Tour
• Dinner: Included in the tour
Accommodation included: Lodging at a Superior Hotel in San Jose City

Day 3: Irazu Volcano – Cartago City – and Orosi Valley Tour 

Stop At: Irazu Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

The tour will begin with us trekking south along the Panamerican Highway until we
reach the base of the behemoth “Iztaru” (a name of an indigenous village that was
situated on the flanks of the volcano, and a likely candidate as a possible origin for the
current name of the Irazu Volcano).
The winding road traverses fertile lands in which all types and forms of vegetation are
cultivated, all the while affording us a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding
hills and valleys. And, at the very top of the summit, on a clear day, one can be privy to
an unforgettable bird’s eye view of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
As we descend to the city of Cartago we will stop at the Virgin of the Angels Basilica – a
famous peregrination site for many believers, some of which travel for days or even
weeks on foot, in a pilgrimage of faith, to the site. The Basilica has large vaulted ceilings
and exquisite examples of stained glass windows, and is a must see.
Next, after we visit the Basilica we will we will continue to the Valley of Orosi, an area
that overflows with unparalleled beauty. We will be able to visit one of the few
remaining colonial churches and we will stop to enjoy a tasty typical lunch at one of the
local restaurants.
Duration: 8 hours

Meals included:

• Breakfast: Included at the Hotel
• Lunch: Included in the tour
Accommodation included: Lodging at a Superior Hotel in San Jose City

Day 4: Poas Volcano – Coffee Plantations – La Paz Waterfall Gardens tour 

Stop At: Cr130, Poas Volcano National Park Costa Rica

We will visit the Doka Coffee Estate for a delicious breakfast. Then we will be treated to a
coffee tour in an actual coffee plantation where we will learn the ancient techniques
used by the experts to produce some of the best coffee in Costa Rica and around the
world. The careful process involved in the cultivation, harvesting and roasting of the
Golden Bean will then be illustrated, very hands-on, and then we will savor the
delectable product.
After the coffee tour, we will continue to Poas Volcano National Park, where there is a
noticeable change in temperature and exuberant vegetation of the cloud forest.
The Poás Volcano, is an active 2,708-metre (8,885 ft) stratovolcano. The crater of the
volcano is over a mile across and 1050 feet deep. It has erupted 40 times since 1828,
including April, 2017.
At the Volcano we will have time to enjoy the impressive main crater with its sulfur
fumaroles, and hike on a trail to the beautiful Botos Lagoon as we learn about the
different ecosystems in the park.
After Poás, we will continue to La Paz Waterfall Garden, where we will enjoy a buffet
lunch (rated 4 Forks by the Costa Rican Tourism Council) that includes multiple
selections of Traditional Costa Rican dishes and much more.
At La Paz Waterfall Gardens we will go through walking trails surrounded by lush
tropical rain forest. Here we will appreciate flowing white rivers, spectacular waterfalls,
birds, butterflies, monkeys, and hummingbirds. There are also, educational animal
exhibits to enjoy such as the Aviary, the Butterfly Observatory, Hummingbird Garden,
Serpentarium, Jungle Cats Exhibit, and the Frog Exhibit. This is definitely a tour enjoyed
by nature lovers from all ages.
Duration: 10 hours

Meals included:

• Breakfast: Included at the Hotel
• Lunch: Included in the tour
Accommodation included: Lodging at a Superior Hotel in San Jose City

Day 5: Manuel Antonio National Park

Stop At: Playa Manuel Antonio, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, 6 kms south of

Quepos, Manuel Antonio 195-6350 Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio National Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Costa
Rica. On this tour, you will visit pristine beaches, with coral reefs, bordered by exuberant
vegetation and the natural wonders of the tropical rainforest. The beaches in Manuel
Antonio are highly coveted as some of the best that Costa Rica has to offer.
On the way to Manuel Antonio National Park, you will travel along the coastline enjoying
scenic views, including African palm plantations. You will also travel past small villages
along the Pacific Coast, until you reach the port of Quepos and the ultimately the
National Park.
Since access to the park itself is closed to vehicles, you will hike to the preserve, crossing
a creek. Once in the park, you can simply relax and enjoy the beach, sunbathe, or hike
through the park’s trails, which will allow you to observe Manuel Antonio’s abundant
flora and fauna. Several species of monkeys, iguanas, birds and possibly even the three-
toed sloth can be seen.
If you chose to hike the trail to Cathedral Point, do not forget your camera; the views of
the park and the sea are simply spectacular!
Duration: 13 hours

Meals included:

• Breakfast: Included in the Tour
• Lunch: Included in the tour
Accommodation included: Lodging at a Superior Hotel in San Jose City

Day 6: Arenal Volcano – Hot Springs 

Stop At: Arenal Volcano National Park 21007 Costa Rica

Enroute to the Arenal Volcano, we will stop at the famous town of Sarchi, known as the
birthplace of Costa Rica’s Artisans. In Sarchi, you will be able to appreciate many of the
art crafts and souvenirs that Costa Rica has to offer. Also you will see the world’s largest
ox cart according to the Guinness Book.
The cart is 2 stories high, nearly 45 feet long (14 meters) and weighs 4400 lbs. (2 tons),
and took 70 days to complete. Made out of wood (cedar) and decorated with bright
colors, designed based on our typical and traditional oxcarts.
The journey will then continue, traversing diverse plantations with agricultural
products, including pineapple and plantain farms, mango groves, ornamental plants and
even cattle ranches until arriving to the small town of La Fortuna, and stopping to enjoy
lunch at a cozy restaurant with a magnificent view of the volcano.
The impressive Arenal Volcano is a magnificent natural wonder that is situated in La
Fortuna (The Fortune) of San Carlos, previously assumed to be dormant, until in 1968,
when it experienced a major eruption. Now is visited by tourist from all around the
world hoping for the opportunity to witness volcanic activity, such as the white plumes
of smoke that emanate from the conical shaped behemoth.
Then you will go on to relax at one of the best hot springs in the area where you will
revel in the cleansing and rejuvenating effects of the thermal waters, as well as an
optional massage or other special treatment, if you choose, that must be reserved ahead
of time to ensure availability. Spa treatments are not included and are payable directly at
the resort.
The facilities at Baldi provided 25 separate mineral water reservoirs that flow naturally
from the volcano. The medicinal waters are certified by L.N.A. (Laboratorio Nacional de
Aguas), and the temperatures range from 93, 100, 102, 104, 109, 110, 113, 116, 152,
providing visitors with a wide range of options that fit their preferences.
And for a perfect ending, before going back to San José, a wonderful dinner will be
served with a great view of the volcano so that you do not miss any opportunity to look
at the classically shaped volcano.

Duration: 13 hours

Meals included:

• Breakfast: Included at the Hotel
• Lunch: Included in the tour
• Dinner: Included in the tour
Accommodation included: Lodging at a Superior Hotel in San Jose City

Day 7: Catamaran To Tortuga Island in the Gulf of Nicoya 

Stop At: Tortuga Island, Puntarenas 00000 Costa Rica

You will experience a day full of beautiful skies, great ocean views and live music. On
board the yacht tropical fruits and natural drinks will be served and at the island there
will be time to explore the surroundings, sunbathe, swim, take an optional tour like
kayaking and canopy; and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the crew. This excursion
departs from San Jose very early in the morning to Puntarenas, where you will board a
yacht to Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island), a beautiful island located in the Gulf of Nicoya.
At Tortuga Island you will experience a day full of beautiful skies, great ocean views and
live music. On board the yacht savory tropical fruits and refreshing natural drinks will
be served. Then, you will explore
the island, immersing yourself in the calm clear waters and lush landscape, where you
can take a swim,
sunbathe, and/or take an optional tour like kayaking or canopy. Then a delicious lunch
will be prepared by the crew.
Tortuga Island is composed of 120 hectares of gorgeous terrain, with 4 main hills; not to
mention a 500 meter beach which is a recipient of the blue flag certification. On the way
to Tortuga Island you will see the San Lucas Island which in the past was a security
prison where no human rights existed and thus a dark age in Costa Rica´s history.
The journey to Tortuga Island will be on board a yacht equipped with 2 Cummins Marino
300 HP motors, radar, satellite navigation systems, VHF marine radio, clean bathrooms,
and palatable drinking water.
A very experienced and international maritime license yacht captain and well trained
crew will make sure you have a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable journey.
Duration: 13 hours

Meals included:

• Breakfast: Breakfast included in the tour
• Lunch: Lunch included in the tour
Accommodation included: Lodging at a Superior Hotel in San Jose City

Day 8: San Jose International Airport 

Pass By: Plaza Real Alajuela, East of the Mcdonald’s of the Tropicana 250m 250m East of

the Mcdonald’s of the Tropicana, Alajuela 20101 Costa Rica
Breakfast at the Hotel
At the agreed time, you will be transfered to the San Jose International Airport to catch
your flight back home or an extension to a different area of the country if selected.

Meals included:

• Breakfast: Buffet breakfast included at your Hotel
No accommodation included on this day.

Important Information:
  • Departure Time: 7:00 AM


  • Departure: Traveler pickup is offered
    We pick up travelers at the San Jose International Airport (Juan Santamaria)


    • Mineta San Jose Intl Airport, 1701 Airport Blvd, San Jose, CA 95110
Additional Information

  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking


  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Stroller accessible


  • Near public transportation


  • Infant seats available


  • Transportation is wheelchair accessible


  • Surfaces are wheelchair accessible


  • Most travelers can participate


  • This experience requires good weather. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund


  • This tour/activity will have a maximum of 30 travelers



  • 7x Breakfast


  • 2x Dinner


  • 6x Lunch


  • Accommodation included: 7 nights


  • Entry/Admission – Kiosco San Jose


  • Entry/Admission – Irazu Volcano National Park


  • Entry/Admission – Poas Volcano


  • Entry/Admission – Playa Manuel Antonio


  • Entry/Admission – Arenal Volcano


  • Entry/Admission – Tortuga Island

  • Gratitudes


  • Entry/Admission – Kiosco San Jose


Terms of Use

Once you have booked and received your travel voucher, the contact details for the
travel service operator will be on this voucher under the heading “Important
Information”. Where applicable, you are required to call the travel service operator
directly to advise of additional information such as:

  • Hotel for pick up


  • Weights for helicopter tours


  • Choice of times for tours


  • Special dietary requirements, meal choices etc.



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