TATTVA Spa, a traditional spa therapy, a tradition of india.

what is tattva? Tattva means pure medicine.it is a traditional medicine in ancient india. in philosophy it is mention that human body composed of 96 tattva or basic principle. The art of massage has been around for thousand of years. The massage therapy is a scientific and manual manipulation of the soft – tissue musclesContinue reading “TATTVA Spa, a traditional spa therapy, a tradition of india.”

Join in cultural movement:


Reunion, of sabarmati ashram, think about Mahatma Gandhi, in hindi

Hi, check this man biography, this man have dignity and moral:


Hi, introduction of kathalk,a traditional dance style of india.

What is kathalk? it is a classical dance in india, which meaning the katha(story). the story of wars details describe to common people those who not present in wars. some persons from background narrates the story, and dancers are performed the dance.so its style are reflect the wars style of a army in ancient periods.Continue reading “Hi, introduction of kathalk,a traditional dance style of india.”

Hi, find a documentary , in Hindi, culture of India

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There are a movement starts against trans fattyacid:


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Chandrayaan-2: Isro ,try to relink there Dover with lander;

From Discover on Google https://www.indiatoday.in/science/story/chandrayaan-2-isro-efforts-regain-link-vikram-lander-1605115-2019-10-01

Hi, enjoy Bengali films bomkash, new modern picture , artificial sounds, in mobile

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Please watch kids cahanal, in Zee 5, like famous carton “Batul the Grate”


Please watch Renuka Devi Yatra, a navaratri special episode:

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Hi, please watch discovery Hindi, in mobile, with out pay DTH pack

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Conflict Minerals – Investor Relations – minerals policy in india


Tax: Learn about Types of Tax, Benefits of Paying Tax, and pay tax through bankbazar, india


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