COLLECTION OF A GOLD COIN, ABANS Gold coin Flowers & Aban 2MG ,24kt Gold coinπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘πŸŒ„


What is Flower brand Gold coin for collection: The FLOWER FSIRIES were created by Cicely Mary Barker, a famous children’s artist born in Corydon, south London, England in 1895, she taught herself to draw and paint. Dispite her lack of formal artistic training her natural talent was popularly recognized ( at age 15) with the publication of a set of post cards. It was her Flower fairies books, published in 1923 which brought her international acclaim as an artist. Using children who attended her sister’s kindergarten as models, Cicely Mary Barker’s drawing become charming and accurate depictions of flowers and trees. Her widely praised Flower Fairies have become worldwide classic. The following coins were issued by the Isle of Man in limited quantities. The observe ( front) of each coin depicts a flower and fairy. The reverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The following low mintage coins are made of pure 99.9% solid gold. The 1/25th Oz .Size (smaller then a US dime ) is about 14mm in diameter, the 1/10th is about 18mm and the 1/5 th oz. is about 22mm.

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