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1.firefox person data promice. 2.firefox block sites from tracking you. 3.defalt settings matter. 4.simple private file sharing. 5.lockwise remember password for you. 6.monitor watches for account breaches. 7.A different fingerprint block different from cookies or ordinary trackers.https://www.mozilla.org

Hi, find sciTE, a licence, and offers 64- bit executables support for Dataflex language.

1. standared editing 2.command subsystem. 3. Command line arguments. 4.buffers 5.sessions. 6.language understood. 7.find and replace. 8.key board command abbreviation. 9.importings properties file and conditional logic. 10. Command parameters and promptings. 11. Encodings. 12.defind variable in properties files. 13.supportings a new language. 14.creatings API files and many more. Find in “+https://www.scintilla.org/

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