Sea Career, Maritime jobs:🌱🦃🎁

Sea careers offers maritime job in offshore vessels like DSV, AHTS, PSV, ROV, and also in tanker, passenger, container, general cargo.please find shore side vacancy also. Sea career jobs: Deck officer jobs Deck ratings jobs Specialist jobs Other Maritime job Engineering officers jobs Catering ratings jobs STCW training course near you.

Find some waitress job in UK.🎁🙋🙏🌱🦃

Hi, some job in UK with hours rate £10-£12, }please check. 1.waitress/waiter, location-tintagle PL-34., Camelot castle hotel. 2.waiter&waitress roles, play mouth pL 1, cosy club 3. Waiters and waitress , orpiton, 4 locos ltd. 4.waiter or waitress, Bristol, TGI Fridays UK. 5.waiter/ waitress, Nottingham NG 1, Paris nottingham 6.Head waiter/ waitress- Manchester M – 3Continue reading “Find some waitress job in UK.🎁🙋🙏🌱🦃”

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