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Tattva spa offers a holistic range of beauty and Spa service accross India , ranging from massage , facials body scrubs, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, hair Spa, and luxurious wellness retreats.

Tattva massage is based on Indian Ayurveda that strives to attain harmony and balance of the elements in the human body. This massage start with a short breathing exercises to alleviate stress and calm your mind.

Type of massage>Β©

*Swedish massage: this massage is helpful in reinforcing your oxigen level in the blood, enhancing your blood circulation and it’s easing tension, variant of aromatherapy available.

* Deep Tissue massage: it focuses on the deeper layers of your body tissues, ligaments, and fascia to release all your inner tension.

* Aromatherapy massage: this smooth body massage involves the use of long kneading strokes over your body.

* Ayurvedic Abhyanga message: this help reduce your body fatigue and knots in the muscles.

*Ayurvedic poultice massage: The healer massages your body with linen potatoes, stuffed with essential herbs and the therapeutic oils.

* Ayurvedic shilodhara massage: The oil are allowed to flow over the scalp and through the hair. Experience a blissful sensation with this Ayurvedic oil massage.

The art of massage has been around for thousand of years. The massage therapy is a scientific and manual manipulation of the soft – tissue muscles of the body which is commonly applied with fixed or movable pressure with the hand , fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, fleet etc……..


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