Fairy Travel in Baku!

fireworks during nighttime

Fairy New Year in Baku!

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights

Price: 450 USD per persons


The holiday season can be a wonderful time to visit the Land of Fire when it sparkles brightest and brims with lively shopping and festivities.The sights, sounds and smells of holiday are evident from the end of November. Christmas lights on the streets and the bustle of shoppers exude a cheering warmth.On the eve of New Year, Baku turns into a fabulous city with many lights.Azerbaijan’s capital is dressed with its finest decorations. Wonderful lights illuminate the Christmas charity fair in the Fountain Square.Here you can drink a cup of aromatic coffee, hot chocolate or tea in small cozy cafes, taste fresh sweets and dishes of national cuisine.

Tour program: ( 5 days/ 4 nights ) 

Day 1: Fiery greetings from Baku

• Meeting at the airport with a professional english speaking guide.
• Information about the city and country on the way to the hotel with a professional guide.
• Check in and hotel accommodation.
• Free time.

Day 2: Mysterious Old Town

• Breakfast in the hotel.
• Walk through the historical part of Old Baku – Icheri Sheher.
If the city has an old city, then it has a heart. And it doesn’t matter how the metropolis is built and grows, this little piece of antiquity, like the roots of a tree, contains the entire crown of history. The historical complex includes many architectural monuments that have survived to our times: mosques, towers, churches, squares and other important buildings of the Shah’s reign.
You will visit:
• Museum and palace complex of the Shirvanshahs (XV century)
Maiden’s Tower (XII century)
The Maiden’s Tower is the oldest symbol of the city of Baku. Most scientists believe that the tower was built in two stages: half in the V century, and the upper part in the XII century. But there are versions with dating that hint at the construction of the tower BC.
• Museum of miniature books
The world’s only museum of miniature books is located on one of the streets of the Old City (Icheri Sheher) in Baku. All books are smaller than a palm. The size of many publications is not more than 1 centimeter, and the “area” of the smallest book in the collection is 2×2 millimeters.
• Workshop of Ali Shamsi
Tourists, walking along Kichik Gala street, have to stop near a 90-year-old tree with three female faces, take a picture with a lion on the facade of the workshop and go through the open door to admire Ali Shamsi’s paintings, talk with the master and take a picture with him as a keepsake.
• Transfer to the hotel.

Icheri Sheher
Maiden’s Tower
Workshop of Ali Shamsi

Day 3: New Baku

• Breakfast in the hotel
• Visit to the Heydar Aliyev Center.
Everyone admires this building: those who have visited Baku more than once, and those who came to us for the first time. The Heydar Aliyev Center, designed by the famous Zaha Hadid, immediately fell into the lists of the most amazing buildings of the 21st century.
 •  Walk trough the streets of new Baku, the architectural feature of which combines the eclecticism of styles of the 19th and 20th centuries:
Nizami Street.
Fountain Square.
– Monument to Nizami Ganjavi.
• Visit to Highland Park, from where a beautiful view of the city opens. Climbing the stairs higher and higher, you seem to climb the mountain. Your chest is filled with the cool and refreshing air of the highlands, your wings are spread, and you, like a bird, fly over this ancient, majestic city.
• Visiting Flag Square.
• Walk along the Seaside Boulevard and a boat trip.
Coming to Baku you should definitely visit the Seaside Boulevard. Visitors to the city will find many attractive places here: museums, attractions, parks, cafes, restaurants and much more. The boulevard itself is unusually beautiful and diverse. Its central part amazes with the richness of greenery and flowers, and the steps of the coastal strip end right at the sea water.
• Visit to the Carpet Museum.
• Transfer to the hotel.

Heydar Aliyev Center
Nizami Street
Fountain Square
Highland Park
Flag Square
Carpet Museum

Day 4: Bewitching Flames
• Breakfast in the hotel.
• Meeting in the hotel lobby.
• A trip to the village of Surahani.
The spread of Zoroastrianism in the territory of modern Azerbaijan was due to spontaneously flammable sources of oil and gas. Therefore, such a monument as the Ateshgah temple has been preserved in this area.
• Excursion to Ateshgah.
The Temple of Fire Ateshgah (literally the Fiery House) is located 30 kilometers from the center of Baku, on the southeastern outskirts of the Absheron Peninsula. Excursion to Yanardag. Near this small village on the Absheron Peninsula is Mount Yanardag. The word “Yanar” in Azerbaijani means “burning”, and “Dag” – “mountain”. And this is a real burning mountain – not metaphorically, but literally. Once upon a time, there were many places on Absheron where natural gas escaping from the earth to the surface spontaneously ignited, but with the beginning of the mass production of oil and gas on Absheron, these places began to disappear.
• Free time.
• Transfer to the hotel.

Mount Yanardag.

  Hotel 4* (2 km from the city       center) 


*Price is per person in group

*Price is per person in double room category


– Transfer / airport-hotel-airport
– Guided tours of the program (without entrance tickets)
– Accommodation in a hotel in Baku 4 nights
– Breakfast in hotels – Professional English speaking guide
– Individual transport within the program
– Sea of impressions and emotions


– Flights
– Lunches and dinners
– Entrance fees to museums
– Visa fees and support (+30 usd)
– Insurance
– Additional expenses


* These prices may vary depending on the dollar exchange rate at the time of booking
*These hotels can be replaced by similar ones
* The company has the right to change the days of excursions and the sequence of tourist places?depending on the weather and/or other force majeure situations.



Fairy Travel in Baku!


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