The most beautiful beaches in Europe, in ranking.


Best beaches in Europe


Looking for a dream beach for your next holiday? Here is your selection of the best beaches in Europe. Come relax on the fine sand of secret beaches like “Cala Pregonda” in Menorca or “Vlychos beach” on the island of Hydra. Breathe  the fresh air of pine trees on Nugal beach in Croatia or Cala Sa Boadella beach in Spain, or treat yourself to a romantic break and relax on the beautiful beach of positano in Italy.

The best beaches in France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro but also England, Bulgaria and Romania are awaiting you.

Pasjaca Beach Croatia - Best beaches in Europe -  Copyright Lara for findingnewpathscom

Pasjaca beach

Cavtat – Konavle Region – Croatia

The most beautiful beach in Europe is located in the heart of the sublime region of Konavle, 10 min from Cavtat and 30 minutes’ drive from the pearl of the Adriatic, the city of Dubrovnic.

Nested at the cliff’s foot, this beach is a real miracle. In 1955, a tunnel was created from the fields upstream (often flooded) to the sea. The remaining rocks were used to build the roads or were left on the seaside. In a few years the waves transformed these rocks into pebbles then into sand. Pasjaca beach was born. After a few years the sea took away all the sand and the locals carried new rocks that turned into pebbles and sand again. They will do that again and again to preserve their little paradise. “Pasjaca beach”, the most beautiful beach in Europe, is the result of both man and nature’s work. 

Now that you know a little more about the life of Pasjaca beach let’s talk about the program of your day: you can do some shopping in the town of Popovici (water, sandwich, fruit, eco-friendly sunscreen and a swimsuit if you have left yours at home (this is not a nudist beach).

We advise fans of loud music, beach bars and water sports to avoid the beach; there is nothing of that kind there but nature and quietness. You can get to the beach via a small path through the rocks. This beach is located in the region of Konavle, we could say it is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia but all Croatia is really beautiful.

Feel free to find your way thanks to an app or your GPS: this little slice of paradise is not that easy to get to. Once there, a wooden sign will show you the way. Park your car on the free car park, make sure you have not left any belongings in it and walk straight on to the most beautiful beach in Europe. Do not miss to visit Cavtat, a beautiful destination chosen among the most beautiful destinations in Europe by travellers from all over the world. Pasjaca Beach is just a 15-minute drive from Cavtat.

Best beaches in Europe - Nerja Beach - Copyright  Botond Horvath Shutterstock

Nerja beach

Nerja – Andalusia – Spain

Andalusia is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Imagine a region that includes destinations such as Seville, Malaga Ronda, Marbella, Granada, Mijas, Huelva… castles, extraordinary gardens like the Alcazar de Sevilla, the Alcazaba of Malaga, romantic places like the Plaza de Espanha in Seville or the flowery alleys of Mijas.

Come and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, the beach of Nerja (only 1 hour from Malaga airport). Along the promenade, on the sand, on the large beach of “Barriana” or sheltered from the wind in one of the many coves, come and enjoy a sunny day in this seaside resort whose name means “Abundant springtime”.

For a breathtaking view of the entire region, climb to the top of the mountain “El Cielo“, the highest mountain in the region.

Best beaches in Europe - Nugal Beach copyright Maciej Czekajewski

Nugal Beach

Tucepi – Makarska – Croatia

A wind of freedom is sweeping among travellers this year: they have voted for the beach of Nugal (a partly nudist beach), as one of their favourite beach in Europe.

This beautiful beach located on the Makarska Riviera could also be ranked among the best secret beaches in Europe (it will take you more than 30 minutes to walk in the rocks before you get to the place). Be sure to put an eco-friendly and biodegradable sunscreen to preserve this little corner of paradise.

 Are you lying on a nudist beach for the first time? It’s like diving into the water, You may be a little apprehensive about it first but once you’ve dared do it  you will not regret it. This beach is a small haven of peace with a family atmosphere. It is up to you to wear a swimsuit or not, but if you are really shy there are many other paradise beaches on the Makarska Riviera.

Best beaches in Europe - Porthminster beach - St Ives copyright  mambo6435

Porthminster beach

St Ives – Cornwall – England

Never thought of going to England for a beach holiday? Never heard of Cornwall then? Located in the extreme South West of England Cornwall is an incredible county with hundreds of beautiful sandy beaches.

The old fishing port of St Ives has conquered the English in search of authenticity, charm, crystal clear blue waters and fine sand. St Ives also attracts artists from around the world who come to find inspiration in this little corner of paradise.

You can book your Flight to London and take a local flight to Plymouth, Exeter or Newquay or take the train from London to St Ives (Night Riveria Sleeper train). Enjoy your stay and discover the cities of Bristol and Birmingham.

St Nicholas Island Budva Montenegro - Best beaches in Europe copyright Natalya Klyueva

St Nicholas Island

Budva – Montenegro

It is one of the smallest and most beautiful islands in Europe. The island of St Nicholas “Sveti Nikola” is home to one of the most incredible beaches in Europe.

This island is located opposite the beautiful city of Budva, half an hour from Tivat airport (Montenegro) and two hours from Dubrovnik airport (Croatia).

This small island has 3 large beaches and several very pretty small ones. If you are lucky you may come across some deer on the wild side of this small island.

Best beaches in Europe - Cala Sa Boadella  Copyright Lunamaria - European Best Destinations

Cala Sa Boadella

Lloret de Mar – Spain

Book your flight to Barcelona and your accommodation at the best price for 2-3 days city break in Barcelona and escape, alone, with your beloved one or with friends to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe; it is located 1h30 from Barcelona. “Cala Sa Boadella”, its warm sand, crystal clear waters, are awaiting you.

Have you left your swimsuit at the hotel?  No problem, this beach is nudist. Leave your modesty in the car and come enjoy this little slice of paradise. You are shy? The warm waters of the Mediterranean are for you. If you want to rest this summer, treat yourself to a week of pure relaxation in Lloret de Mar, one of Spain’s most popular seaside resorts.

Cape Drastis best beaches in Europe copyright Yannik Photography  - European best destinations

Cape Drastis

Corfu Island – Greece

Greece is the perfect destination for sunny beach and family holidays. You are spoiled for choice among the many Greek islands away from the crowds and close to nature.

The island of Corfu is a very good choice for nature, beautiful wild beaches and hiking lovers. Located north of the island of Corfu, a few kilometres away from the beautiful city of Sidari, “Akra Drastis” also called “Cape Drastis” is a place of rare beauty. The stony path that gives access to a small cove is not within easy reach, but the walk is well worth it except for elderly people with less mobility or small children.

This beach is highly recommended for travellers looking for unusual, authentic places away from the crowds.

Best beaches in Europe - Salecia beach copyright  Pawel Kazmierczak - European Best Destinations

Saleccia Beach

Casta – Corsica

The beach of Saleccia is located north of the island of beauty. Its fine white sand, crystal clear waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. Less accessible than other Corsican beaches it is also better preserved.

Courage and patience will be necessary to drive from the village of Casta to the beach (15 km), the roads are in very bad conditions! You may feel all alone but not completely though: there is a campsite and a small shop located 400 metres from the beach. Want to explore the surroundings? Do not miss to visit the village of Nonza located at 1:30 and ranked among the most beautiful villages in France.

Best beaches in Europe -  Cassis - Copyright  Grisha Bruev - European Best Destinations

Bestouan Beach

Cassis – France

Cassis is a perfect destination for travellers looking for beautiful beaches, coves, nature and sun. Located in the South of France, in the “Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur Region” this destination is preserved from mass tourism. Cassis is one of the pearls of the French Riviera, a destination of rare beauty.

You will enjoy  the numerous beaches and creeks of Cassis such as the Creek of En Vau, the Calanque of Port-Miou, the Beach of the Corton, the Beach of the Arena and the “Beach of the Grande Mer”. With a view of the port of Cassis, lulled by the scent of umbrella pines, and a few minutes from your hotel, come and rest on the beach of Bestouan, one of the most beautiful beaches in France and one of the best beaches in Europe.

Best beaches in Europe - Numana beach Ancona Copyright  cristian ghisla

Numana Alta Beach

Numana – Ancona – Italy

You do not want to make any concessions, you want sun, good restaurants, delicious ice cream, a crystal clear sea, an unspoilt beach with a delicate scent of pine trees in the air? Numana Alta beach is for you! There are several beaches of that kind in Numana.

Numana Bassa is perfect for children: there are many children’s playgrounds, beach facilities and restaurants.

Numana Alta beach is very quiet and perfect for a rest with a good book or if you want to dip into the sea. It is protected from the wind by the reefs.

BEst beaches in Europe - Vlychos Hydra Island copyright  leoks

Vlychos Beach

Hydra Island – Greece

There are different ways to reach the idyllic Hydra Island and the beautiful beach of Vlychos. You can go by car from Athens(3 hours’ drive + Ferry crossing). The bravest ones can even go on foot (37h walk + Ferry crossing). The easiest way is to book your flight  to Athens, take a bus ticket to Athens Harbour (port of Piraeus) and board a ferry to Hydra for a 2-hour crossing. There are 6 ferries a day; no need to hurry or book in advance.

Pack caps, hats, some water in your backpack, wear good shoes and walk from Hydra Port to Vlychos Beach (33 minutes’ walk). It is one of the only sandy beaches on the island of Hydra. The sand was brought on site by an Englishman, the owner of the bar. If you like  music of the seventies, grab a stool, order a nice cocktail from the bar and enjoy that moment of pure nostalgia, if not rent a deck chair away from the speakers and enjoy this little slice of paradise.

Best beaches in Europe Mamaia beach copyright  Calin Stan - European Best Destinations

Mamaia Beach

Mamaia – Constanta – Romania

Constanta city makes many travellers dream; it is located on the Black Sea Cost and is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania. Stop dreaming and discover this incredible city .

Do not forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses and swimsuit with you and get ready to lie on the very long golden sandy beach of Mamaia. This long beach on the peninsula looks very much like Miami Beach, but at a more affordable price than its American twin.

Not a fan of cocktail bars, good restaurants at affordable prices, hotel rooms with sea views? This may not be the right destination for you.

Best beaches in Europe - Bolonia beach in Tarifa Cadiz Copyright  Quintanilla

Bolonia beach

Tarifa – Cadiz – Spain

Located in Tarifa, Bolonia Beach, “Playa de Bolonia” in Spanish, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Andalusia and one of your best beaches in Europe.

This gigantic beach appears at the end of a nice walk in the white sand dunes. It’s like being in the Sahara desert. It is a perfect place for lazing around, sunbathing in the Andalusian sun, windsurfing or exploring the Roman ruins on this beach. It is possible to have a meal on site and park near the beach.

Book your flight to Gibraltar (20 min), Jerez (1h) or Malaga (1h30) as well as your accomodations at the best price in Andalusia and spend an unforgettable holiday on one of the most incredible beaches in Spain.

Best beaches in Europe Positano beach copyright  Leigh Trail

Positano beach

Amalfi Coast – Italy

Positano is one of Italy’s “postcard” destinations as well as Portofino Portovenere and Cinque Terre. Some people think it’s a tourist trap, many say it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Positano is perfect for couples of all ages; it’s hard not to succumb to the charm of this place that seems to have been created by gods. Get lost in its steep streets, treat yourself to a romantic meal on the terrace of your hotel or simply enjoy the beach.

Enjoy the small pleasures of life, a delicious Italian ice cream, a fresh fruit cocktail, a dip  into the water… You are on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, it is a beautiful holiday in Italy.

Best beaches in Europe - Cala Pregonda copyright  tuulijumala - European Best Destinations

Cala Pregonda

Menorca Island – Spain 

You are all by yourself on the sand, the crystal clear blue waters of the island of Menorca are awaiting you, the sand is not warm yet; this is the beginning of a beautiful day on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

This paradise beach is just half an hour walk (please plan to wear sneakers). Dive under the water, beautiful little fish are dancing in the clear waters: nature is everywhere around you. The car park is 20-30 minutes’walk, it is quite big and free. Do not stop at the first beach on your way; it is pretty but often stormed by the first holidaymakers, walk on to the red sand beach of “Cala Pregonda“.

Best beaches in Europe - Bolota beach copyright  trabantos - European Best Destinations

Bolata beach

Balgarevo – Bulgaria

 When people say “Bulgaria” you think of Sofia, the capital or Plovdiv one of the oldest cities in Europe. You may also think of Sozopol and its beautiful wooden houses facing the sea but have you heard about the beach of Bolata? Located 1h30 from Varna airport and only 1h20 from another beautiful beach, Mamaia beach in Romania, Bolata beach is one of the best beaches in Bulgaria and one of your favourite beaches in Europe.

This beautiful cove, in an arc, does not only shelter one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe but also a nature reserve.

Come enjoy the Bulgarian sunshine this summer and rest on the golden sandy beach of Bolata. Do not forget to buy sunscreen (if possible biodegradable to preserve nature) in the town of Kavarna, located 13 kilometres from this beach.

Best beaches in Europe - Cala del Pi en Platja d'Aro copyright Marques

Cala del Pi 

Platja d’Aro – Costa Brava – Spain 

This small secret beach is located on the Costa Brava, in “Platja d’Aro”. It is only 2 hours’ drive from Barcelona and 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar.

“Cala del Pi” is a small hidden treasure. You will have to walk on a beautiful path dotted with other pretty beaches and tunnels dug in the rock to reach Cala del Pi (which means “creek pine tree in Spanish).

We love its vegetation, the calm, the purity of the beach and crystal clear waters and its proximity to other exceptional beaches too.


BEST IN EUROPE, attached photos.

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