Pottery and painting workshop in Chicago at @75 for 2 persons

We love creation, find some interesting and creative workshop near your place chicago.

The Color Cocktail Factory is a place where you can unleash your creativity and have fun with various art activities. They offer pottery, painting, mosaics, candle making, soap making, bonsai making, and more. You can also book a private party or join a public event. They have a studio in Chicago, where you can bring your own drinks and snacks. 😊🎨

(1) Color Cocktail Factory | Wheel Throwing For All Skills | Pottery …. https://www.colorcocktailfactory.com/.

This workshop is mainly gathering , and gain basic knowledge about how to create pottery, basic knowledge about speening wheel to make pottery, interesting topic about painting , create your own painting with expert guidance, make colourful decoration and design for your house, paint your own pets, paint on glass etc…..

Yes, children can attend pottery classes at Color Cocktail Factory. They offer a kids pottery class designed especially for children aged 6-12 years old. The class is hands-on and offers young artists an exciting opportunity to dive into the world of pottery making. Experienced instructors will guide the young artists through each step of the pottery process, from molding and shaping clay to adding colorful glazes and unique designs .

Please note that I was unable to find any information about online classes or the duration of a typical class at Color Cocktail Factory. However, you can visit their website at colorcocktailfactory.com to learn more about their pottery classes, ceramics workshops, and pottery lessons. They offer a variety of classes such as wheel throwing, glazing and firing techniques, and ceramic sculpture classes. They also have a clay studio and offer pottery for beginners as well as advanced pottery techniques. In addition to pottery classes, they also offer painting, mosaics, and candle making classes. You can find them at 917 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608.

This workshop will help you gather basic knowledge about painting and craftsmanship.

Your evening will be remarkable day to create something special to

your own .

If you are joining as a group to this workshop then it may your memorable weekend.

Experience a class with a professional artist who will guide you step-by-step through replicating a masterpiece. 

Accompanied by great friends and a glass of wine, tap into your creativity!

According to the web search results, the Color Cocktail Factory does not seem to have a fixed price range for their activities. However, I found some online stores that sell Color Cocktail clothing and accessories, which might be related to their brand. Here are some of the prices I found:

  • Color Cocktail Dresses And Gowns: from 6$ to 15$
  • Color Cocktail Clothing: from 5$ to $ 18
  • Color Cocktail Western Wear: from 4$ to 15$

These prices are in Indian rupees and may vary depending on the size, style, and availability of the products. I hope this helps you get an idea of the price range for their activities. 😊

If you want to know more about the Color Cocktail Factory, you can also contact them directly through their website. They might have some special offers or discounts for their customers. 🎁

. 🎨


Surprise yourself and others by going home with a finished masterpiece that you will be proud of!

You got it! It’s easy and fun! Don’t wait longer and sing up for a class!

Expert will advise you all details, they will take your basic class and then you can start your own project.

The Basic knowledge of painting and craftsmanship will provide you a good idea to select a good painting and select a better craftsmanship or idea to nicely decorate your house. 🏠.

I found some photos of Color Cocktail Factory in Chicago. Here are a few of them:

This workshop will provide you a idea how to memorize the colour, decoration, design, creative arts, next generation arts and painting.

If you like to buy this workshop tickets please follow below link Grupon.com for good discounts or updated price, otherwise you can contact there website mention in Above.

If you like to know more about this workshop in owners website please follow 👇



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