Find delicious Maxican food coupon @ $20, near Chicago….

Find a traditional and old maxican food restaurant Margarita Park near Chicago.

Restaurant is continue serving there old traditional , secret recipe of maxican food to the guest.

Resturant is reopen few days before and have car parking facility.

Resturent is kids and pet friendly.

Menu and Cuisine:

Margaritas is renowned for serving the most authentic and delicious Mexican food in Oak Park and the surrounding Chicago area. Each dish is lovingly prepared from scratch in there kitchen.

There are some basic ingredients that are found in nearly every traditional Mexican dish: corn tortillas, beans, chili, and lime. Check for their presence and you have a pretty reliable indicator of the authenticity of the food.

Corn is the undeniable King of Mexican cuisine and is used as the basis for the ubiquitous tortillas. Meanwhile, beans are equally competent at finding themselves a role in your meal, even if only as a side dish. Flavor is thankfully high on Mexico’s menu, with cilantro and onions used particularly heavily, but the two most common additions are chili and lime.

Details about Margaritas:

Margaritas is a family-owned Mexican restaurant in Oak Park, Illinois. Since 1988, They have been located in the same spot on Oak Park Avenue.

There founder, Rene Roman, is proud to be serving authentic Mexican cuisine to the Chicago and Oak Park communities throughout the years. Many of there loyal, traditional customers have been eating with them since the beginning!

Formerly known as Lalo’s, they were among the first restaurants that were permitted to sell liquor in Oak Park. When it was time to change there name, they chose Margaritas because it represents one of there best-loved specialties — there famous margaritas and other tropical cocktails.

Today, they not only serve customers at there restaurant; they also cater throughout the Chicago area. They also host a popular lunch buffet on weekdays, and are well known for there unbeatable $6 margaritas on Tuesday

The coupon pass is valid 120 days from date of purchase.

Required age proof to get alcoholic beverage , minimum 21+ required to get alcoholic beverages.

To collect the pass for this restaurant or for advance booking please check below link 👇

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